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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Are you really satisfied with your outdoor home environment?

That’s the question most homeowners ask themselves this time of year.   Spring is finally here.  Do you want more from your outdoor environment?  Is the environment that surrounds your home providing you the beauty, lifestyle and enchantment that you yearn for?   It’s time to bring enthusiasm and imagination to your garden.  

Proper planning is essential to bring out your garden’s best potential.  Design and planting correctly is the key to lasting beauty.   Together we’ll devise a plan within your budget that will be stunning and efficiently maintained with amazing results that will last year after year.

Do you dream of looking out of your window to a beautiful pond with koi swimming around the water lilies where you can entertain guests and build memories?  Maybe even a waterfall where you can watch the birds coming in to play and drink and hear the frogs croaking their songs. 

If you already have a pond and looking out of that window isn’t bringing the pride and satisfaction that you imagine then we can help to revive and rejuvenate your water garden to restore its integrity and appeal.  In the Spring my crew and I will clean, inspect and provide you with a comprehensive analysis.  We even use a large oxygenated staging pond to safely protect your fish and plants while working on your pond.  If need be, adjustments to your pond can be made to make your pond once again the beautiful centerpiece that it once was.   

I have 37 years of hands on experience creating, maintaining and restoring these environments.  We are a team of experienced technicians who will manage your pond and grounds with imagination and efficiency.  I am always on site with my crew and our hands-on approach is always coupled with anticipatory efforts. 

I look forward to having a conversation with you to begin turning your dreams into reality.

Best regards,
Steven Katz
Master Gardener and Pond Specialist
(610) 996-3248