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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Garden Accents . . .

Spring has arrived and finally it’s time to put away those Winter coats and boots and bring out the barbeques and swimsuits (ok, well almost!). The warmer weather this Spring has surprised and delighted us . The trees, plants and flowers are enjoying the weather too as they bask in the warm sun rays. Everything has begun blooming and thriving in the early Spring warmth. Although there are still a few nights here and there that may get down into the low to mid 30’s, those days are definitely numbered and it’s time to start thinking about sprucing up the gardens, planting Spring flowering annuals such as Pansies, Primrose and Osteo Sperma Daisies, creating a pond environment to enjoy for years to come or “Springerize” your pond and pond environment and start enjoying your pond again.

It's a great time to revitalize or restore your gardens, add a water feature and to install outdoor lighting that will enhance the beautiful features of your gardens and create the garden oasis that you have enjoyed or have yearned for. Our specialty is to transform your outdoor setting into a fully customized outdoor living environment. Call or send an email to me directly and I'll respond promptly.

Call me to have a discussion about how we can make your gardens come alive. We will create the outdoor environment you’ve always wanted. You’ll be thrilled with the results. Just imagine . . .

Steven Katz