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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Alert 2010

Now's the time to come aboard my pre-planning calendar to lock in your dates to complete your project requests. Contact us via email or telephone to schedule an appointment to accompany me on a personalized tour of my Garden Showcase of Possibilities. You'll encounter waterfalls, fountains, ponds, a beautiful deck, patios, arbors, sunken campfire pits, landscape lighting, outdoor acoustic speakers, and virtually every type of landscaped environment imaginable.

All existing customers are encouraged to contact me as well. Call now to schedule dates to start spring revitalization of your gardens and/or pond.

Spring is our busiest season. Please do not delay. Telephone or email now...



Welcome to our New Website!

Thank you for visiting our new Land & Seascapes web site. Since our initial launch more than a decade ago, we’ve had many more opportunities to design and to build quite a variety of unique outdoor environments. You are in for a treat!!!

The new look and comfortably navigable design has been brought to fruition by Tom
Kirkpatrick. Tom’s patience, advice, and dedication has fashioned our new web site into a refreshing and captivating page turner. Thanks, Tom

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Hope to see you soon.


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