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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Are you really satisfied with your outdoor home environment?

That’s the question most homeowners ask themselves this time of year.   Spring is finally here.  Do you want more from your outdoor environment?  Is the environment that surrounds your home providing you the beauty, lifestyle and enchantment that you yearn for?   It’s time to bring enthusiasm and imagination to your garden.  

Proper planning is essential to bring out your garden’s best potential.  Design and planting correctly is the key to lasting beauty.   Together we’ll devise a plan within your budget that will be stunning and efficiently maintained with amazing results that will last year after year.

Do you dream of looking out of your window to a beautiful pond with koi swimming around the water lilies where you can entertain guests and build memories?  Maybe even a waterfall where you can watch the birds coming in to play and drink and hear the frogs croaking their songs. 

If you already have a pond and looking out of that window isn’t bringing the pride and satisfaction that you imagine then we can help to revive and rejuvenate your water garden to restore its integrity and appeal.  In the Spring my crew and I will clean, inspect and provide you with a comprehensive analysis.  We even use a large oxygenated staging pond to safely protect your fish and plants while working on your pond.  If need be, adjustments to your pond can be made to make your pond once again the beautiful centerpiece that it once was.   

I have 37 years of hands on experience creating, maintaining and restoring these environments.  We are a team of experienced technicians who will manage your pond and grounds with imagination and efficiency.  I am always on site with my crew and our hands-on approach is always coupled with anticipatory efforts. 

I look forward to having a conversation with you to begin turning your dreams into reality.

Best regards,
Steven Katz
Master Gardener and Pond Specialist
(610) 996-3248

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring 2014...!

Can you believe it?  Spring is just around the corner.  In the next few weeks Spring colors will abound - - Daffodils, Crocus, Forsythia, Star Magnolias, Jasmine, Heather, Pulmonaria . . . to name a few.  This past Winter’s wrath hit landscaped and pond environments hard and planning in advance is the key to having a successful landscape and ponding season.   It is very important in the Spring to clean up to remove all over-winter debris, prune to remove damaged limbs from your shrubs and specimens, feed and mulch  garden beds and as a treat to you and passer-by, plant a variety of early Spring flowering annuals.   Our Spring annuals are vibrant and are grown in oversized 4 1/2" pots and once planted will be stunning.   Together we'll devise a plan within your budget to revitalize and sustain your grounds throughout the upcoming seasons.  My plan will be simple yet effective and will be brought about with efficiency, imagination and tremendous enthusiasm.  With over 30 years of hands on experience I promise that you are in good hands.

For ponds, the start of Spring brings back images of your beautiful colorful fish swimming about and enjoying their habitat, frogs climbing up on the rocky ledges of your pond basking in the warm sunshine and memories of enjoying the wildlife that a healthy pond environment beckons.  In the Spring, my crew and I will clean, inspect and start up your pond and complete a thorough Spring clean up.  We are a team of experienced technicians who will manage your pond and grounds with imagination, efficiency, tremendous enthusiasm and attention to every detail.  Our hands on experience approach is coupled with anticipatory efforts to bring out the best potential of all of your garden environments.

I do so look forward to our getting together to create a strategic plan to sustain amazing results.  Contact me directly for an inspiring conversation.   

Our journey continues. . .

Steven Katz
Master Gardener & Pond Specialist

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Garden Accents . . .

Spring has arrived and finally it’s time to put away those Winter coats and boots and bring out the barbeques and swimsuits (ok, well almost!). The warmer weather this Spring has surprised and delighted us . The trees, plants and flowers are enjoying the weather too as they bask in the warm sun rays. Everything has begun blooming and thriving in the early Spring warmth. Although there are still a few nights here and there that may get down into the low to mid 30’s, those days are definitely numbered and it’s time to start thinking about sprucing up the gardens, planting Spring flowering annuals such as Pansies, Primrose and Osteo Sperma Daisies, creating a pond environment to enjoy for years to come or “Springerize” your pond and pond environment and start enjoying your pond again.

It's a great time to revitalize or restore your gardens, add a water feature and to install outdoor lighting that will enhance the beautiful features of your gardens and create the garden oasis that you have enjoyed or have yearned for. Our specialty is to transform your outdoor setting into a fully customized outdoor living environment. Call or send an email to me directly and I'll respond promptly.

Call me to have a discussion about how we can make your gardens come alive. We will create the outdoor environment you’ve always wanted. You’ll be thrilled with the results. Just imagine . . .

Steven Katz

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Three recent client experiences...

Please read what our three most recent clients have written about their experiences working with us at their home site...
I would like to thank Steven and his crew for the remarkable transformation of my pond from hideously dirty, dilapidated, and malfunctioning to sparkling clean, artistically designed and working beautifully.

He answered my call immediately and scheduled me in very promptly. He and his design crew worked quickly and efficiently, took very good care of my 30 large fish during the process, and left me with a very easy to maintain pond with happy, healthy fish and beauty beyond measure.

I can't thank you enough, Steven.

Landenberg, PA


We just cannot say enough positive things about the experience you have created for us in our own house, clearly much closer to a home now.

Every detail along the way was meticulously planned and implemented by you and your team, down to the tiniest detail. Your staff was dedicated, personable and professional at every turn. They treated our property like it was protected national land.

The final result has just blown us away. The vision was nice; the reality is truly breathtaking. Thank you for creating an experience that will last long beyond we are in this house. You truly transformed and integrated our home and yard in a meaningful, valuable way.

Feel free to use our names in your references and our property to secure future business as often as you like. You have earned my praise. Be assured that it is not something I take lightly but your management and delivery have impressed me (and my neighbors).

All the best,

Eddie and Ilene
Wynnewood, PA

Dear Steve and Land & Seascapes Crew,

Quentin and I want to thank you most sincerely for turning our property into a paradise. This Memorial Day weekend, when many of our friends have left town for the seashore or the mountains, we are content and happy to simply go out our door to relax and enjoy the beauty you have created for us.

It is hard to believe that you were able to accomplish this amazing transformation in one week, and that being a week when heavy rain poured down on our area daily. Yet, each day, we would come home to marvel at how you had made progress in making your vision for us a reality. Each day was like Christmas in May!

Steve, not only are you a magician who turns simple and neat into spectacular yet elegant, but you are also an incredibly hard worker who is right out there working beside your guys, making sure that everything is perfect.

Please feel free to share this letter of sincere gratitude and to refer potential clients to us for a referral as we are truly thrilled with your work.


Barb and Quentin
Drexel Hill, PA

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Beckons Gardens That Enchant

Spring 2011

Finally!! It looks like winter is over and now is the time to plan ahead to start thinking about how you, family and friends will be enjoying your landscaping and outdoor environment for the spring and summer seasons. Another harsh winter has passed, and I am certain that you’re eager to walk about your grounds to conjure up a list of landscape projects that you would like attended to this upcoming season. I’d be delighted to accept your invitation to tour your grounds with you to discuss visions of landscaping to complement your home and your lifestyle.

Many thanks to all of our customers who have returned to us to employ our services to revitalize and to spruce up your garden beds and outdoor environment. We still have plenty of availability in late April and May to schedule in all of your requests from landscape management to pond inspections and cleanings.

We have exciting news to share!! Suburban Life Magazine has published an article profiling Land & Seascapes in its upcoming April, 2011 issue. Click here to read about our continued devotion to creating stunning landscaped environments. Once again, thank you for your sustained loyalty and, as always, my crew and I will do our very best to exceed your expectations.

Steven and Jacqui Katz